I believe the very essence of a woman lies in her ability to embrace her beauty without being consumed by the ashes.


Johannesburg, South Africa

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About Marshiela Hall

The Prolific Experience

I am evolving into womanhood with the joy of being authentic. As a God-led woman, mother, advocate, mentor and leader.

The Woman

Graduate of Dancing On the Promises International under the direction of Apostle Michele and David Rucker. Currently attending Ohio Christian University for Human Services. She has received several certifications in behavioral health studies for both girls and women. Her greatest lessons need no mention for life has been a great teacher. 

I have experienced numerous bouts of trauma from an adolescent to adulthood and these issues were the  spark of fire in my heart and passion for young girls and women. One day I began to write, dance and act out my emotions, my dreams and expand my creative imagination.

The "ARTS" became my outlet of release and I found so much healing, refuge and revival. I was able to experience surmountable transformation through these avenues and found that the correlation of the ARTS as therapy along with self confrontation for healing, influences positive self exploration and purpose discovery.  

My life's mantra is this "There is BeaUty in Your Ugly and You were created to be Prolific on Purpose"!

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